ramsetreid Design portal Project released

ramsetreid Design portal
ramsetreid an ITW Proline owned company have launched a Engineering Design portal to better serve its customers within its engineering arm for its Australian and New Zealand business. Headed by the Engineering Design manager Mauricio Munoz the portal aimed to better aid and communicate with clients giving them the ability to submit complex design scopes in less than half the time of the current system. 

Pegboard built and implemented the portal using its ODP (online digital platform) solution and managed the launch with stakeholders. The outcome has been fantastic delivering a productive and brilliant return on investment for ramsetreid. Mr Munoz said, " It has been a pleasure working with the Pegboard team to make this project so successful. They have been superb in not just implementing but also enhancing and helping us with ensuring the digital transformation aspect was managed across the organisation and our clients." 

Pegboard continues to work with companies in actualising their digital transformation via two of its key product solutions being ODP and SILicone.
If you are looking to improve your productivity and business process and customer interaction give the team a call to discuss. 

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