Hocking Stuart launches Website with SIlicone technology

Hocking Stuart
Partnered with lead Digital Agency MMG interactive , Pegboard delivered a raft of improvements to Hocking Stuart's integration.  The project solution delivered enablement of property data from the CRM and other sources to flow in a real time environment. the outcome being the ability to better deliver franchise stores fast reliable updates for their clients and to prospective real estate buyers via their digital presence whilst maintaining integrity of data in their core systems.

Pegboard CEO Mr. Ashton Wynne-Yorke said, " We are thrilled to see the outcome of the solution for the team at Hocking Stuart and  it was a privilege to also work with such a professional and engaging partner in MMG Interactive who were responsible for the project  and the management and success of the overall solution. I am so pleased to yet again see another company benefiting from good integration principles that will continue to grow with their organisation."

Pegboard SILicone continues to grow in the new frontier of Integration services for companies around Australia. to find out how your core systems data can be managed more efficiently make contact with us today. 

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