Laptop Supermarket Launches new Website

Laptopsupermarket.com.au a 100% Australian owned
This week sees Laptop Supermarket (LSM) launch their new ODP Website! The website has a responsive design approach and houses the functionality to sell customers the best laptop/notebook or P.C to suit their needs and provide support with their fully trained technical staff with any service or issue. 

Built on the latest version of Pegboard ODP the environment delivers a user friendly interface for customers to navigate and interact with the organisation on a day to day basis. 

LSM is a subsidiary of one of the largest national leading online retail for Printers (Printer Supermarket, PSM), of which both have now adopted the SILicone platform portal! A big congratulations to the LSM team and look forward to seeing your continued success in the valuable services you deliver to your customers. 

Website Address: www.laptopsupermarket.com.au

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