Pegboard 6.5 Beta Released

Beta Release
    The ability for business to bring together their marketing and sales platforms with their business day to day operations and systems has been made easier today with this release of Pegboard ODP. 
    There is a rampant disconnect in companies productivity in achieving clarity from marketing and sales automation to capturing information to then correctly communicating with the key data silo's in their internal business systems. Pegboard understands this problem and delivers the product and key drivers to eliminate these time consuming and costly issues. Pegboard ODP 6.5 has been architected to streamline data in a flexible and unique way that breaks the cycle of disparity. 
    Other features that Pegboard has released in its new version are listed below.

Features List;

  • Move to Microsoft .NET 4.5
  • New Tablet Interface
  • Changes to independent rendering layer
  • Module upgrades
  • Improved user help
  • Lighter footprint
  • Speed enhancement
  • Pegboard SILicone architecture

For More information please call today or login into the partner area.

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