Pegboard announces Skills IQ Contract

Skillls IQ
SkillsIQ are an independent national Skills Service Organisation supporting a range of Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) to undertake training product development that ensures skills meet future industry needs. The problem worth solving was their internal and external digital infrastructure talking with Core business and digital infrastructure.

Pegboard's SILicone solution came to the fore in being able to resolve the problem and deliver beneficial productivity back to the business with the proposed solution.

Mr. Ashton Wynne-Yorke said, "Along with one of our Sydney Digital Partners PDQ Design we have worked closely with the team at SkillsIQ to produce a solution that will not only solve today's problem but also deliver a long term solution in bringing together multiple systems via the SILicone Platform."

Pegboard continues to grow its penetration of the market with the promise of helping organisations to seamlessly deal with disaggregated data issues and bringing together multiple cloud and on premise core business systems.  

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