PSC Insurance has launched with SIL

PSC Insurance Group
PSC Insurance, a leading Australian-owned multinational insurance brokerage has launched with PegboardCo's SIL! Servicing thousands of businesses every day across multiple countries, PSC Insurance deals with mass amounts of data and systems needed to carry out their day-to-day activities. This tangled web of multiple systems and platforms lacked the ability to speak to each together and did not scale to the business growth PSC was experiencing.

They needed an integrated single-point system to make it easier to view, report and understand the data from all systems in one easy to access location.

That's where PegboardCo's SILicone came into play. SIL integrates a single-point system to streamline, manage businesses systems and house data all in one secure system. PegboardCo. is engaged heavily in delivering outcomes for businesses whose core systems and dataflows require connectivity and transparent engagement for users. PegboardCo. had the pleasure of working alongside PSC Insurance to ensure these inefficiencies were targeted, and that all data could be easily accessible globally by the whole business group in secure and fast network. The SILicone live dashboard made reporting remarkably easier, secured with key insights straight from the source and automated summary reports to be used to strategise the future for PSC Insurance.

Pegboard CEO Mr. Ashton Wynne-Yorke said "We have maintained such a strong working relationship with PSC Insurance. Yet again we see how beneficial our SILicone integration can be to solve inefficiencies global businesses face!" 

Want to know how SILicone can target your business pain points and fix inefficiencies? We're here to help! Give the team a call at (03) 9005 4795 or alternatively contact us at info@pegboard.com.au.

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