Global Family Doctor ODP Website Launched

WONCA- Global Family Doctor launched their new Pegboard ODP website today.

WONCA is an unusual, yet convenient acronym comprising the first five initials of the World Organization of National Colleges, Academies and Academic Associations of General Practitioners/Family Physicians. WONCA's short name is World Organization of Family Doctors. Comprising of a global membership of over 3,000 members globally WONCA continues to be a strength in the fight for quality of life of the peoples  of the world.

The ODP multi-lingual website has a flexible and functional member portal and houses a large document repository with ecommerce functionality. Built to be viewed on any device the Website is the centre piece for the organisation.

Pegboard CEO Ashton Wynne-Yorke said, "We are very proud to be involved with WONCA and I know the Pegboard team have worked hard to ensure the vision of the organisation was captured throughout the process of delivering the website. We are looking forward to seeing the response from members and stakeholders alike as the Website gets uptake."

URL: www.wonca.net

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