Habitat For Humanity (NZ) Launches Earthquake Accommodation Hub Using Pegboard CMS

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, FEBRUARY 25, 2011: Habitat For Humanity (New Zealand) has launched the Shelter website (www.shelter.org.nz) linking displaced victims of the Canterbury (NZ) earthquake to people willing to donate temporary and longer term accommodation.


On Tuesday February 22 a devastating 6.3-magnitude earthquake centred on Canterbury, the region that includes Christchurch, New Zealand’s second largest city, has left a death toll currently standing at 113 and more than 228 people still missing.


It is estimated that more than 100,000 homes have been destroyed.


In a frantic 24 hour period Louise Giles from Husk Creative worked with the Pegboard CMS Software team and the team at Habitat For Humanity (NZ) to get an accommodation hub site up and running by Thursday evening.


The Shelter website allows people to register the availability of temporary accommodation for people displaced by the quake, for Christchurch people needing a break and for volunteers needing accommodation in Canterbury.


Shelter operates as a member content site where people can post available accommodation and contact details. Those requiring accommodation can then search according to geographic location.


The website also provides for donations and registration of interest from volunteers.


The Shelter site has been designed by Husk Creative utilizing Pegboard CMS's content management system enabling a quick response to an urgent need.


Ashton Wynne-Yorke, CEO of Pegboard CMS Software, said “We were only too pleased to be able to support Louise when she called. It is a terrible situation for the people of New Zealand and we felt compelled to get involved with Habitat’s initiative. I was particularly proud to see our Pegboard CMS product facilitating such a rapid deployment.”


Habitat New Zealand is working hard with a number of aid agencies to assist with the massive relief and rebuild efforts that will be required in Canterbury in the many months to come.


Your publicity of the Shelter website would be appreciated so that many more generous landlords and displaced victims can be brought together.





About Habitat For Humanity (NZ):

Habitat for Humanity in New Zealand is a not-for-profit Christian organisation that works in partnership with people of goodwill and families in housing need, to eliminate sub-standard housing by building, renovating and selling simple, decent houses on an affordable basis.

For more info refer: http://www.habitat.org.nz/index.php 


About Husk Creative Webdesign:

HUSK creative, based in Morningside, Auckland, exists to produce quality design, print and web solutions to a wide range of clients including many not-for-profits, charitable trusts and startups. They pride themselves on 'communication before decoration' and design for sustainable outcomes.

For more info refer: http://www.husk.co.nz/


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